Willing to Bend But Never Will Break...






It’s performances like this which make me disappointed when I hear people say the don’t like Eccelston or skip over that whole season just to get to Tennant. Tennant was fantastic and a brilliant Doctor, but there wouldn’t be a Tennant Doctor without Eccleston’s Doctor. The way Tennant’s Doctor was portrayed was the effect that Rose had on Nine. In the beginning, Nine was harsh and unforgiving having come back from the Time War, his time with Rose softened that harsh attitude and it’s really shown in this episode.

“Just this once, everybody lives!” Has to be my absolute favourite line in all the history of Doctor who because in that episode everyone did.

OMG my God I was sobbing wildly at that point.

Yep. Whenever I hear someone saying they’re going to introduce someone to Doctor Who starting with Ten, I’m always really confused/annoyed because I loved Nine. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to skip him.


seriously, magic. he was the perfect intro.

Nine was my favourite Doctor of all. He was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

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